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3 Modes Led Desk Lamp

3 Modes Led Desk Lamp

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  • Our LED desk lamp has 3 color modes and stepless dimming, the desk lamp provides different colors of light, and you can choose 3 color temperatures, (warm white/natural/cool white), for work, reading, relaxing, etc. You can switch the brightness freely, the sensitive touch control helps you easily change the mode, and a short press to adjust the brightness of the light (10%-50%-100%).
  • Our desk lamp has Bluetooth audio function, expandable storage of 32GB, and supports TF card, so that you or your child can connect to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to play music or the courseware in the mobile phone, to satisfy your learning or Relaxation needs.
  • Our desk lamp can not only satisfy your lighting overture but also provide a clock and alarm clock, you can press and hold the "On/Off button to turn on/off the LED screen light, and the HD mirror display is Clearer. At the same time, you can also set an alarm clock, choosing a bedside table lamp can meet your lighting and alarm clock needs at the same time.
  • Our desk lamp comes with a mobile phone holder, so you can free your hands and watch videos and courseware easily. The 47.2-inch USB charging cable can be used for mobile use after charging, and it can also be used as a desk. It is not limited by the usage scene. You can use it wherever you want.
  • The desk lamp is suitable for home office lighting, has no stroboscopic, has no glare, reduces blue light damage, reduces eye fatigue, and helps you work or study for a long time. The desk lamp has a 140-degree adjustable light pole, which can adjust the lighting angle according to your needs for the best lighting effect. The foldable design allows you to carry it anywhere, office, living room, bedroom, dorm, et









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