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One Step Eyebrow Makeup Kit

One Step Eyebrow Makeup Kit

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The One Step Eyebrow Makeup Kit typically includes a brow powder, a brow wax or pomade, and a built-in angled brush or applicator. This all-in-one design allows you to fill, shape, and set your eyebrows with minimal effort and time.

  • Palette Size: The compact palette typically measures around 2-4 inches in length and width, making it easy to carry and store.
  • Shades: The kit usually includes multiple shades of eyebrow powder or pomade to cater to different hair colors and preferences.
  • Applicator Brush: The kit includes a small, angled brush with soft bristles for precise application. The brush may be made of synthetic or natural fibers.
  • Spoolie Brush: Some kits include a spoolie brush on the opposite end of the applicator brush. The spoolie is used for blending and grooming the eyebrows.

Show off amazing eyebrows with the One Step Eyebrow Makeup Kit and let your beauty speak for itself. 

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