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Zip Up Waffle Knit Hoodie

Zip Up Waffle Knit Hoodie

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The zip-up waffle knit hoodie is a versatile and cozy garment that combines style and comfort. Here are some specifications of a zip-up waffle knit hoodie:

  1. Material: The hoodie is typically made from waffle knit fabric, which has a textured and breathable pattern resembling a waffle weave. This fabric is often a blend of cotton and polyester, providing softness, warmth, and durability.

  2. Design: The hoodie features a zip-up front, allowing for easy wear and adjustable coverage. It may have a hood with drawstrings that can be adjusted for a snug or relaxed fit. The waffle knit pattern adds a unique and textured look to the hoodie.

  3. Fit: The hoodie is designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable fit. It may have a slightly oversized or loose silhouette, making it perfect for layering over other clothing items. The ribbed cuffs and hem help to maintain its shape and provide a snug fit.

Get cozy!

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