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30ml Mini Face Spray

30ml Mini Face Spray

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The 30ml Mini Face Spray is a compact and portable facial mist that is designed to provide a refreshing and hydrating experience for the skin. While I don't have access to specific product information, here are some common specifications you may find for a mini face spray:

  1. Capacity: The spray bottle typically has a capacity of 30ml, allowing for multiple uses before needing a refill.
  2. Material: The bottle is usually made of durable and lightweight materials, such as plastic or glass.
  3. Spray Mechanism: It is equipped with a fine mist spray nozzle that delivers a gentle and even mist of the product onto the face.
  4. Portability: The compact size of the spray bottle makes it easy to carry in a purse, bag, or pocket, allowing for on-the-go use.
  5. Refillable: The bottle may be designed to be refillable, allowing you to fill it with your preferred facial mist or toner.

Add the Face Spray in your daily routine for instantly hydrated, glowing skin!

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